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This index reflects a few changes since the printing of the 2014 Spring Course Guide:
* Denotes an update in course information (start date, class time, number of sessions, etc.)
** Indicates a new course

Title Course Number Day  
Crochet Basics - 9-10:50 (Room 2/3) AC1W Wednesday View Details
Building a Sincere Relationship with God - 10-10:50 (Room 6) SR11M Monday View Details
Tai Chi: 37 Sword Form - 1–1:50 pm (Gym) HF1T Tuesday View Details
Beginning Quilting - 9 - 10:50 am AC2M Monday View Details
Ballet for Adults - 12–12:50 D1M Monday View Details
Riverbend Haiku Poetry Club* - 1–2:50 Lit3M Monday View Details
*Intermediate German - 1–2:20 LG3M Monday View Details
Knitting Basics - 1–2:50 AC3M Monday View Details
Tai Chi for Health and Fall Prevention - 2-2:50 pm HF2T Tuesday View Details
Beginning French - 10–11:20 LF1T Tuesday View Details
Basic iPad for Seniors - 11:30-12:50 CT18F Friday View Details
Basic Exercise Without Stress - 11–11:50 HF3T Tuesday View Details
Continuing French - 12–1:20 pm LF2T Tuesday View Details
Beginning Calligraphy - (RM 6) 2-3:20pm AC6W Wednesday View Details
Investing in Your Retirement Years - 9-9:50 am BF1W Wednesday View Details
Photography and Intro to PhotoShop Elements - 9-10:20 am CT6W Wednesday View Details
Quilting - 10-11:50 am AC4W Wednesday View Details
Zumba Gold: Fitness and Fun - 10-10:50 HF5T Tuesday View Details
Travels with Nancy - 1-1:50 GT1W Wednesday View Details
Beginning Piano - 2-2:50 M2W Wednesday View Details
Euchre Club - 2-3:30 ROOM 6 SP6W Wednesday View Details
Hatha Yoga - 2-2:50 pm UPPER LOUNGE HF6W Wednesday View Details
Beginning Watercolor - 9-10:50 - ROOM 2/3 AC5Th Thursday View Details
Basic Bridge and Beyond - 9:30-11:30 (T&C Bridge Center) SP18M Monday View Details
Conversational French – Intermediate - 10-10:50 LF3Th Thursday View Details
Introduction to the Chinese Language - 10-10:50 (RM 6) LC1Th Thursday View Details
Beginning Line Dance - 12-12:50 D2Th Thursday View Details
Line Dance Club - 1:30-2:20 D4Th Thursday View Details
Beginning Spanish - 9-9:50 (RM 6) LS1T Tuesday View Details
Polonaise Club - 10-12 ROOM 2/3 SP2F Friday View Details
Forever Singers - 12-12:50 M1W Wednesday View Details
AARP Driver Safety Course - (one class) 11-3:30 Friday, 11/14 SP3F Friday View Details
Chinese and Asian Cooking- 9:30-12:30 (Kitchen) C2M Monday View Details
A Studebaker Historical Survey - 2-2:50 (Studebaker Museum) H14M Monday View Details
Beginning Haiku Poetry - 12-12:50pm Lit9M Monday View Details
Basic Ladies Guide to Football- 10-10:50 (RM 2/3) SP12W Wednesday View Details
Hawaiian Dance - 11–11:50 (Gym) D3W Wednesday View Details
Fall at Fernwood - 1-2:30 (Fernwood Botanical Gardens) SN3W Wednesday View Details
FLI Happy Hour Lecture Series - 5-6:30 (RMs 2/3) SP14W Wednesday View Details
Wednesday Walking PROGRAM (St. Joseph County Parks) 10-11:15pm HF11W Wednesday View Details
Continuing Chinese - 11-11:50 (RM 6) LC2Th Thursday View Details
Beginning American Mah Jongg - 1-2:50 (RM 6) SP8Th Thursday View Details
Living in Stalin’s Shadow (ROOM 1) 11-11:50 AM H24W Wednesday View Details
Poets of the 1950’s 9:30-10:50 am #Lit25T Tuesday View Details
Hatha Yoga at the Jewish Federation 4-5 PM HF20T Tuesday View Details
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (11-12:20 pm) #Lit21T Tuesday View Details
Writing Your Life Story (Andre Place) 1 - 1:50 pm #Lit5M Monday View Details
Welcome to Microsoft Office CT3M Monday View Details
Tai Chi for Arthritis, Part 2 1 - 1:50 pm #HF17M Monday View Details
Four Existential Novels (Room 4) 1-2:20pm LIT23Th Thursday View Details
The First Three Gospels: Mathew, Mark, and Luke (Room 6) #SR30T Tuesday View Details
Tai Chi 24 Yang Form - 2:00-2:50 pm HF14M Monday View Details
Beginning Polish II 9:00 – 9:50 LP1M Monday View Details
Intermediate German (Room 6) LG3M Monday View Details
The HISTORY AND HERITAGE OF THE Potawatomi - 10:30-11:50 am H17Th Thursday View Details
Old Time Ballroom Dancing - (GYM) 1-1:50 PM D5W Wednesday View Details
Conversational Spanish - 4-4:50 pm LATE START LS3W Wednesday View Details
Legal Opportunities and Issues for Those Over 60 - 4-5:20 pm SP16W Wednesday View Details
Senior Bowling (PNA Club) 1 - 4:00 pm #HF16M Monday View Details
Late Medieval Christian Mystics - 11:15-12:45 SR24Th Thursday View Details
The American Revolutionary War, 1775-1783 (ROOM 6) 4-5:20PM H22W Wednesday View Details
Journey with Thomas Merton #SR28M Monday View Details
Beginning Genealogy (Room 1) 10:00 - 10:50am #SP17M Monday View Details
Learning About Your Antiques (Room 1) 10:00 – 11:50 #SP11M Monday View Details
A Journey with Thomas Merton 11 - 11:50am #SR28M Monday View Details
The Best of Shakespeare’s Plays, Plus (Room 2/3) 11- 12:15 pm Lit24M Monday View Details
Sit and Be Fit (Jewish Federation) 11:30 - 12:30pm #HF18M Monday View Details
Saul and David: Isreal's First Kings - 10-10:50 a.m. SR27Th Thursday View Details
World War II and the Cold War (Room2/3) 11 - 11:50 am #H22T Tuesday View Details
iPad for Seniors (Room 5) 11:30 - 12:50 pm #CT18T Tuesday View Details
Hebrew 101 (Jewish Federation) 1 - 2 pm #LH1T Tuesday View Details
An Introduction to Philosophy (Room 6) 1 -1:50 #SR34T Tuesday View Details
Brain Health Through Games (Jewish Federation) 2 - 3 pm #HF19T Tuesday View Details
St. Joseph County Parks: Nature Provides! (Room 1 and various) #SN7T Tuesday View Details
The Heart of Aging with Wisdom and Vitality(Rm 2/3) 1:30 - 2:50 #HF23T Tuesday View Details
Building a Cooperative Culture (JEW. FEDERATION) 7-8PM #SP20T Tuesday View Details
Intermediate Spanish II (ROOM 1) 9 - 9:50 AM #LS4W Wednesday View Details
Film Genres (Room 6) 9 - 10:20 am SP19W Wednesday View Details
The Short Fiction of Alice Munro (Room 2/3) 11 - 12:20 LIT22W Wednesday View Details
Sit and Be Fit (Jewish Federation) 11 - 12 NOON HF18W Wednesday View Details
Dissecting God's Body: An Autopsy of the Christian Remains SR31W Wednesday View Details
The New Cosmology: New Insights and Practices for Christ. Living SR6W Wednesday View Details
Reading Alice Walker in Context (ROOM 4) 1-1:50 PM Lit26W Wednesday View Details
Earth Stewardship: A Losing Battle? (Room 5) 1-1:50 SN6W Wednesday View Details
Middle East and Mediterranean — Ancient and Modern (JEW. FED) GT2W Wednesday View Details
Jesus Before He Was A Christian (ROOM 5) 9-10:20AM SR29TH Thursday View Details
Great Jazz Recordings of the 1950s, Part II (ROOM 4) 11-12:20PM M8TH Thursday View Details
The Muslim Jesus (Room 5) 12-1:20pm SR32Th Thursday View Details
The First World War, Part I H25Th Thursday View Details
Computer Basics 1:30-2:50PM CT19TH Thursday View Details
Ashkenazik Baking (JEWISH FEDERATION) 1:30-3:30PM C4TH Thursday View Details
Chair Yoga Jewish Federation 10-11am HF22F Friday View Details
Learn to Play Euchre at the Jewish Federation 10:30-11:30 AM SP21F Friday View Details
Mahjong at the Jewish Federation 1-2 PM SP22F Friday View Details
Retreat: Where Does Your Faith Fit in the Cosmos? 11/8 SR26Sa Saturday View Details
Nutrition in the 21st Century ¬– Impact on Longevity and Health: HF21Su Saturday View Details
French Music 11-11:50am #LF4Th Thursday View Details