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#300 09:00-10:20
Photography - Composition, Design, and Introduction to PhotoShop Elements

Edward Weiss RM 5

This 10 week course will require that you have a basic understanding of how to "work" your digital camera, as well as knowing some basic photographic terms. You must also have a working knowledge of your computer. For the Photoshop Elements sessions, you will be required to have the Adobe Photo Shop Elements application installed on your laptop which you can bring to school. FLI will supply 3 Apple iMac computers for classroom use. The first 4 weeks of the class will focus on teaching "Composition and Design" to give you the artistic training you need to take better photographs. The last 6 weeks of the class will teach an "Introduction to PhotoShop Elements." PhotoShop allows you to manipulate the digital photos that you have on your computer. This will put the final touches on your photos and finish them the way you want them to look.
Min 5 Max 10 10 Sessions

#301 09:00-09:50
Investing in Your Retirement Years

Steve Carlock RM 4

In this class you will learn how to use investments such as CDs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and annuities to help you secure your retirement. This class explains each investment and how it fits into your overall retirement portfolio. We will discuss investing to control taxes, outpace inflation, and to protect your hard earned assets for you and your heirs.
Min 5 10 Sessions

#302 09:30-10:20
The Scroll that Tastes Like Honey (Ezk 3:3) Highlights of the Old Testament

Daniel Csanyi, M.A.R. RM 6

The Old Testament fills about 1400-1500 pages in the Bible. For most of us to tackle it cover to cover is too daunting. When we run into long lists of names or ritual laws that don't apply anymore we are tempted to give up. This course will focus on studying a dozen selections from the O.T. that contain the most inspiring narratives and the most powerful prophetic messages, soul food for the hungry reader. Participants should bring a Bible to class.
Min 5 Max 20 6 Sessions

#303 09:30-10:50
Beginning Calligraphy

Nancy Strauss, B.A. RM 1

Learn the basic steps of "elegant" writing. Course will include correct posture, pen placement, and using the skills learned to create inexpensive yet beautiful cards! You will need a calligraphy marker (wedge point), pocket folder, and two pencils. Students purchase own materials. There will be a copy fee of $5.00 given to the teacher directly.
Min 5 Max 15 8 Sessions

#304 10:00-11:50
Quilting Club

Janice Miller RM 4

We are a gathering of quilters, sharing ideas and showing projects. This is not a class and there are no formal lessons, but any quilter, beginning to advanced, is welcome to join the group. Suggestions and help with projects will be provided.
Min 4 Max 10 10 Sessions

#305 10:00-10:50
Zumba Gold: Fitness and Fun

Rosy Hinojo Gym

Come join us for a Zumba fitness class designed especially for seniors, You will get a total body workout with music that uses Latin dance moves and rhythms. Routines will be easy to learn and follow. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a hand towel and bottle of water along with a "ready to party" mood
Min 10 Max 25 10 Sessions

#306 11:15-12:20
Writing Poetry

Sonia Gernes, Ph.D. RM 2/3

This is a class for people who love words-the way they sound, the way they change when put next to other words, and the emotional connotations they carry with them. We will do in-class exercises, read poems by masters of the craft, and write one poem a week using assignments that encourage you to stretch your imaginative and associative powers. Poems by class members will be discussed in class and revision will be encouraged. Therefore, highly private and/or sentimental subject matter will not be appropriate. A general course in understanding poetry (such as my "How Does a Poem Mean?") would be good preparation for the course. Sessions will be one and a half hours, and enrollment will be held to twelve persons. Requirements: No experience is necessary, but the following are required:

  • willingness to experiment and be playful with language.
  • willingness to have your work analyzed by the class.
  • Commitment to attend all eight sessions to provide a consistent feedback group for your classmates.
Textbook: The Vintage Book of Contemporary American Poetry. Ed. J.D. McClatchy
Min 6 Max 12 8 Sessions

#307 11:30-12:50
Basic Computing in Windows 7

Eve Sobol, M.L.S., Carolyn Tihen, in Ed. Rm 5

Please check your computer screen and if it says Windows 7, then this class is for you. For beginners only, we will start with the mouse and the keyboard and you will learn to become comfortable with the basics of word processing, email, and the Internet. Practice required. Text fee: $15.00. We have five computers but class can expand to eight if you bring your own laptop.
Min 5 Max 8 10 Sessions

#308 12:30-01:50
Forever Singers

Donna Gruber, M.S.N., and Mary Sue Freitag, M.S. RM 4

This lively singing group returns to our fall schedule. If you remember us from last year, you know you can count on lots of fun and laughter as together we learn the tricks of performing while singing some great holiday tunes. Performance will be at the annual Christmas Holiday luncheon for Forever Learning. Please join us this fall.
Min 6 Max 20 8 Sessions

#309 01:00-01:50
Ballroom Dancing

Christine Murdock, B.S. and Gloria Schonerock (Assistant) Gym

Learn several basic dances. No lifts or throws, but plenty of exercise and improvement in balance and coordination! Singles and couples welcomed. We will have a good time. You must sign a class waiver form provided at the first class to participate.
Min 5 10 Sessions

#310 01:00-02:30
Spring at Fernwood

Wendy Jones ., Ann Desenberg, B.S., Jill McDonald, B.S., Carol Line, M.L.I.S. and Carol Buckler, R.N., Master Gardner Off Campus

This is a series of five lectures by experts from Fernwood staff. A class waiver must be signed to participate. Class tuition of $45 is paid to FLI. Site fee $25 payable at Fernwood the first day of class. Please also consider lunch beforehand in the Fernwood Cafe. Visit www.fernwoodbotoanical.org for directions and more information. Fernwood Wednesday Lectures March 14 The Beauty of Bulbs There is a whole world of beautiful bulbs beyond familiar tulips and daffodils. Learn about a wide variety of flowers that begin with bulbs, and how to use them in your gardens. (Indoor presentation with optional short walk along paved garden trails.) March 28 North to Newfoundland Whales, puffins, moose, the harbor town of St. John's and the North Atlantic await exploration as we head north to Newfoundland. (Indoor presentation.) April 11 Hummingbird Magic Learn about these tiniest of birds, including species beyond our familiar ruby-throated hummingbird, and how to attract them to your back yard. (Indoor presentation.) April 25 Rain Gardens Don't fight that wet spot in your yard-turn it into a rain garden. Learn how to incorporated moisture-loving plants that will control erosion while attracting native wildlife to turn a problem into a beautiful bit of nature (Indoor presentation with optional short walk along paved garden trails to Fernwood's own rain garden.) May 9 More Cooking with Herbs Learn how to prepare even more delicious foods with a wide variety of herbs. (Indoor presentation with optional short walk in the Herb Garden.)
Min 5 5 Sessions

#311 01:00-01:50
Travels with Nancy

Nancy Siarkowski RM 1

This class will take you to places around the country and the world. Nancy is a seasoned world traveler. We will feature guest speakers from the countries and areas to be discussed along with her advice and counsel. Late Start: April 11, 18, 25, and May 2, 9.
Min 8 Max 20 5 Sessions

#312 02:00-03:20
Middle East and Mediterranean: Ancient and Modern

Alan Dowty, Ph.D. RM 2/3

This course offers a whirlwind tour of ancient and modern cultures in the Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean that have helped shape our world. It covers ancient and modern Egypt, Israel, Greece, and Rome; the role of Islam; the creation of modern Turkey; and an overview of the Arab-Israel conflict. It offers an excellent background for anyone planning to travel in the region.
Min 5 8 Sessions

#313 01:00-03:00
Real Foods for a Better, Healthier "You"

Therese Harmon , B.S. RM 5

Learn to bridge the gap between the health you have and the health you desire. Through films, videos, and discussion we will explore the root causes of diseases and how to improve our lifestyle. Whole foods demonstrated and enjoyed. Instructor Fee: $5.00 (for foods and copies).
Min 5 9 Sessions

#314 02:00-02:50
Beginning Piano

Mary Sue Freitag, M.S. RM 4

Did you take piano lessons as a child? or wish you had? Do you want to learn the piano basics or want to work on a specific piano piece? Join us for group and individual piano instruction. If you already know the keyboard and music symbols, just bring a piano piece you wish to work on and we will analyze and work on it in class. Beginners need to purchase Piano for Adults, book 1, by Jane Bastien, w/two CDs. The books will be available at Shirks Music Store in Town and Country.
Min 5 8 Sessions

#315 02:00-03:30
Euchre Club

Bill Gough, Coordinator RM 6

This club is for those who love to play Euchre and are looking for fun and fellowship. It is a four-player game.
Min 4 10 Sessions

#316 02:00-02:50
Hatha Yoga

Jeanne Cook, M.A. M.A.

Yoga for beginners and continuing students. Yoga postures (asana), yoga breathing techniques (pranayama), and deep relaxation. Practice emphasizes the mind as well as the body in this very traditional yoga of India. Improve flexibility and sense of well being. You must sign a class waiver form to participate.
Min 8 Max 20 10 Sessions